Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Kids These Days

So... we live in a kid friendly area, and kid friendly building. I trained and have worked in education, and yet what it has taught me is how wonderful and how awful kids can be. For a long time, I never wanted kids- what a pain they are, etc. I don't doubt it will be the most "rewarding" experience of my life- but is that because of what we learn about ourselves or because of what the unconditional love we expect to receive from them in return? I'm curious to find out- terrified that life will forever change- and that I can no longer be a "selfish" individual. We'll see if it does change me or simply give me the perspective on life that everyone talks about.

Crazy parents and becoming crazy parents- it can't be helped...

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Jumping off the edge

Ever since Spring, we've watched a family of Canadian geese grow up.
At first we noticed the pair-rents nestling in the grass and before long there were 5 goslings (any relation to Ryan?...)
They were cute and fluffy and drew crowds every day, from the seawall taking photos, from all the neighbours and their kids, and dogs....
Then one day, a third Goose joined the family, and it was very odd.
We sensed something had shifted the balance, but everyone seemed to be getting along.
Then a week later- Game of Thrones...

We were there to witness the massacre- one little guy killed (by who we thought at first was a crow), but then we saw that third Goose wring the neck, and it was dead. The crow swooped in, dropped it on the fountain and proceeded to eat it.... There were other witnesses, and the poor concierge and cleaning crew had to come and remove the deceased. All in all shocking but part of that circle of life...

After that, there were only 3, and a few days later, 2 and 2 adults left completely.

Today we were witness to the last 1 parent and 1 child leave the "safety" of the garden, hop over the fence, cross the seawall and take that first plunge off the edge...

best of luck...

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Baby Blue

Dear Big Belly,

I'm not into the colour thing- especially when it comes to gender, but I have always loved the colour blue. Knowing that a boy is on his way, I do love blue and green, orange, yellow, red... I'll put him in all colours, how's that?

Maybe the father and son can have matching electric blue outfits- wouldn't that be sweet.

Anyhow, blue- baby- love it....



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